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Thank you for joining us to honor and remember Seth at this year's races. We are grateful for the ways you help us keep his memory alive and to inspire others to serve the world in big and small ways! 

Meet the 2023 Scholarship Winners

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(Left to Right - Alex Saletta, Ally Ginder, Skylar Lundeen)

Greetings and welcome to summer 2023.  Year 13 of the Captain Seth Mitchell Hero 5K is in the books and in many ways it was a record year.  Donations and race participation were near record highs.  The Scholarship team recognizes how many opportunities you have to donate to worthy causes and truly appreciates you being a partner with us whether it’s your first year or year 13.  Connie, Drew and I and the scholarship committee are blessed by your support.  For 2023 your support helped to provide three $5,000.00 scholarships and four  $250.00 gifts to deserving students.

The dates and times for the 14th Annual Captain Seth Mitchell Hero 5k are: Saturday October 14, 10:00 AM, Loveland Ohio.  Due to city construction the race will not be in Nisbet Park.  Watch the social media sites for specifics.  The Carolina Beach version will be Saturday, October 21, 9:00 AM starting at Green Turtle Lane.  The virtual run can be done anytime, anywhere.  The registration website and social media sites will open soon.

Now let’s meet the recipients of the 2023 scholarships.

The Let Us Never Forget/Mitchell Family Scholarship is funded by the Mitchells, the Yellow Ribbon Support Group of Cincinnati, and the Hero 5K.  The scholarship is for $5,000.00.  The 2023 recipient reminded us of Seth in so many ways.  The recipient has a high-level work ethic, is polite, respectful and is loyal and selfless.  Seth Mitchell was often described as having these characteristics.  One letter of recommendation described the recipient as “a lot like Seth, because he is a stand-up guy that does right thing.”  Much like Seth this recipient has faced adversity in life and had to work to overcome and persevere in the presence of obstacles.
We are very proud to award the Let Us Never Forget Seth Mitchell/Mitchell Family scholarship to Alex Saletta.

The Seth Mitchell Memorial Scholarships are funded by individual donations and the proceeds of the annual Captain Seth Mitchell Hero 5K.  The Mitchell family is especially thankful to all the participants, the City of Loveland, The Loveland Schools Foundation, the Carolina Beach NC participants and to those of you that donate to this worthy cause.

The first recipient of the Seth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship has overcome medical challenges early on in life, and became stronger and more determined to make the most of every day. Her story reminded us of Seth overcoming his own failings in school to later become LHS Class President in 1997 and later a Cobra Helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps. Life’s obstacles will always be there. This recipient and Seth did not let those stand in their way.

One letter of recommendation for this candidate said: those around this candidate are “inspired” by the recipient’s kindness and amiability.  Those words were often used about Seth. Lastly, one supporter of this recipient said, “I am guessing that if she went to high school with Captain Mitchell, they would have a lot in common and would have been friends.”

We believe that also and are proud to award a scholarship to Allison “Ally” Ginder.

The second recipient of the Seth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship also exemplifies many of the qualities and characteristics associated with Seth.  In this recipient’s introductory video, the candidate said, Seth exhibited the epitome of “selflessness” was “inspiring” and that there should be “more people like him.”  We believe that’s exactly who this recipient is too.  The recipient is known to be deeply loyal to friends at school and her family.  One letter of recommendation described the recipient as a “quiet leader” and that “school is not something that comes easy”, but this person “pushes herself and does not take the easy road.”  The recommendation also said, “she’s growing up faster than she should” due to obstacles in life.  The recipient has a strong academic and extracurricular record.  Her work ethic and ability to overcome obstacles is inspiring to us.  We are proud to award a Seth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship to Skylar Lundeen.


Finally, those receiving a $250.00 gift from the Seth Mitchell Memorial fund are:

Lily Hummer
Michael Dakoske
Lucie Schaeffer
Tyler Harter

Thank you all and we’ll be seeing you on 5K days across the world!!
Captain Seth Mitchell Hero 5K Team

Know Seth Mitchell


Seth Mitchell, a captain and pilot in the United States Marine Corps and a 1997 Loveland High School graduate, was killed in action in Afghanistan in October 2009.  Seth contributed greatly to the Loveland community in his youth… he served as a leader and role model on the varsity football team, was voted to be Class President his senior year, and was named “Mr. Personality” by his peers.  He was well loved here.  After graduating, he took that same sense of service and loyalty into all that he did: as a son, a brother, a friend, a leader in the Marines.

In other words, Seth was a hero for all.

We are a group of Seth Mitchell's high school classmates, who miss our friend and want to keep his memory alive.  We represent the many people who Seth made an impression on with his sense of humor, kind heart, and loyal friendship.  As we organize this 5k Race and the scholarship memorial fund, we are motivated by one enduring inspiration: to live each day a little more honorably, kindly, and humbly... just like Seth. 

Please join us by donating, running, or volunteering - and keep Seth's memory alive.



Run or Walk for Seth

This year for our annual 5K, we are racing in-person and virtually! The live race will be October 15 in Loveland and on October 22 in Carolina Beach. For the virtual run/walk, just sign-up, find a place to run or walk 3.1 miles, and pick a day in October 2022 to complete your race. Take a photo and tag us on social!  #SethMitchell5K


We accept donations of any size. Your gift goes to sponsoring annual scholarships to deserving Loveland High School graduates as they pursue next steps in life. It is our way of encouraging youth to serve like Seth.

Serve like Seth

Every day presents opportunities for each of us to serve the people around us in our lives. Seth answered that call in big and small ways in his life. We encourage all to live each day a little more honorably, kindly, and humbly... just like Seth. 


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